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DAVID ARCAND, Grand prix level rider

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David Arcand began horseback riding at the age of eight. Back then, he stood out at both regional competitions and the Jeux équestres du Québec. Upon making his debut on Quebec’s national circuit, David immediately outshone his competitors. His success would extend outside of the province and at the age of 13, David was named Equine Canada’s “Junior Equestrian of the Year 2003” and become the recipient of the Gillian Wilson trophy.

In early August of 2007, David represented Quebec at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Virginia (U.S.). Here, David won one silver medal with his team, and another at the individual level. In September 2007, he qualified for the Canadian final at the National Talent Squad. To top this, David was crowned Talent Squad Vice-Champion at the Royal Horse Show.

During the 2008 season, David once again qualified for the Canadian final of the Talent Squad circuit. In the weeks that followed, David competed in the Royal Horse Show, this time winning the title of National Talent Squad Champion. For a second time, Equine Canada recognized David’s outstanding performance and named him “Junior Rider of the Year 2008.”

Over the course of the 2009 season, the young rider participated in world cup qualifying trials. He landed a 6th place finish at International Bromont and a 3rd place finish at Halton Place. Additionally, he qualified to participate at the Royal Winter Fair’s Canadian Championships.

David performed exceptionally well at Wellington, Florida’s 2010 Winter Equestrian Festival, bringing home the G &C Farm Young Riders Grand Prix. During this competition, David also participated in four CSI ** and CSI*** events, competing with the best riders in the world. Back in Quebec, David achieved victory in the 2010 Via Rail Double Slalom. That same year, he rode to a 4th place finish at the World Cup qualifying trials which were held in Quebec as part of International Bromont. In June, David had the opportunity to gain valuable experience riding alongside the greats at Alberta’s Spruce Meadows.

On Florida’s 2011 winter circuit, David rode a brilliant series. Placing 3rd out of 60 horse/rider teams in the Artisan Farm Young Rider Grand Prix Series, David qualified for the European Youngster Cup, held in April in Leipzig, Germany. This event proved to be an important moment for the 21-year-old equestrian who, at such an early age, had earned the honour to represent his country against the world’s most elite young riders.

During 2012, David Arcand acquired the new horses Vledder and Cassis Z Ten Halven. He would train these two horses over the course of that year. His preparations led the way for an extraordinary 2013 season. After dominating the summer circuit with Cassis Z Ten Halven, David Arcand won the gold medal at the Tournée équestre provinciale du Québec. At the Royal Winter Fair, David was crowned the Vice Champion of the National Talent Squad Final. With Vledder, he competed in Grand-Prix and World Cup trials at heights ranging from 1.5 to 1.6 m. Attaining 9th, 10th, 5th, 8th and 2nd place finishes, he accumulated points in the FEI Longines ranking. Ranked 20th in Canada, he earned his ticket to participate in the Royal Winter Fair’s Canadian Championships.

In January of 2014, David Arcand was placed on Equine Canada’s shortlist for 2014.

2014 was a big year for Arcand, during which he won no fewer than 5 Grand Prix titles in Quebec. David rode to these victories on Emmanuelle Bolduc’s mare Candidate du Marquet. With Cassis Z Ten Halven, Arcand also won a modified Grand Prix at Angelstone in Ontario.

Additionally, David received an Aramis trophy in the category “Most accomplished senior athlete in classical riding in Quebec/Canada.”

In 2012, David Arcand became the owner of Écuries Santos, an equestrian training centre that specializes in show jumping.

Throughout his career, David Arcand has worked with a remarkable number of the equestrian world’s biggest names. For four years, he was coached by both John Pearce, former member of Canada’s national team, and Marie Hécart, the renowned French equestrian. He completed dressage courses with Jurgen Von Butlar, one of the finest specialists in North America.

Presently, David is traning with the Eric Lamaze team, and works in close collaboration with both Lamaze and four times Canadian Champion, Yann Candele, four-time Canadian champion.

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